New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon is the world’s largest and most popular marathon, also known as a 26.2-mile block. Held every year at the First Sunday of November, the NYC Marathon attracts tens of thousands of athletes (and many more cheering spectators), who start on Staten Island, run through all five boroughs and finish in Central Park.

nyc marathon

credit: uberzombie/Flickr

NYC Marathon Race week

The actual race day, on Sunday November 2014, is accompanied by a week of health and fitness events including  the TCS New York City Marathon Health and Fitness Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Hall 3E, Eleventh Avenue at West 35th Street on the preceding weekend; the traditional Opening Ceremony parade featuring the athletes and followed by fireworks on Friday 5:30 PM in Central Park and more.

NYC Marathon schedule

NYC Marathon History

The first NYC Marathon held in 1970 in Central Park, with only 127 participants, including only one woman who did not arrive to the finish line. The 55 athletes who finished the marathon won simple wristwatches and recycled baseball and bowling trophies. Today, each of the marathon champions receive $100,000.

Six years later in 1976, NYC Marathon left Central Park and took over the five bridges that connect New York City five boroughs. By then, the number of participants grew to a couple of thousands.

The marathon continued to grow every year. In 2001, two months after the 9/11 attacks, over 20,000 athletes finished the race, and a national record was broken when the American Bronze medalist Deena Kastor (then Deena Drossin) ran 2:26:58 on her debut marathon.

In 2013, the NYC Marathon broke another record with over 50,000 finishers.

Run the City Deals

If thinking about running 26.2 miles makes you hungry, you will be happy to learn about worthwhile deals available during race week at many local businesses in all five boroughs – from restaurants and bakeries to fitness clubs and Broadway theatres. See full list of participating business on NYRR Run the City Deals.

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Halloween Parade in NYC

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is the most colorful Halloween Fest in the country, Celebrated annually since 1974. This year’s theme is The Garden of Earthly Delights. In the parade you could enter the world of Heaven, Hell, and end this world as depicted in the famous Masterpiece by Hieronymus Bosch. The parade will take place on Friday, October 31, 2014 at 7 PM.

Celebrating Halloween Parade in NYC

The renowned festival is anticipated to include hundreds of colorful Puppets, over 53 different groups of dancers, musicians and artists, and of course thousands of costumed New Yorkers dressed up in their very own especially made costumes. The Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village is a tradition that evolved gradually from the Neighborhoods Trick or Treat walk, and became the most colorful, vivid and ghostly place to be in in the city during Halloween.

Halloween Parade

by: John St John\Flickr

Halloween is one of the most popular Holidays worldwide, and is celebrated all throughout North America almost regardless of background and origin. Dating back to old Celtic Scotland, this Holiday is a colorful and eerie combination of pagan and Christian traditions, all related to honoring the memory of the dead, and preparation to the long and cold winter. Halloween in NYC is a great opportunity to wear costumes, celebrate and take a tour to dark and magical side of the world: including ghosts, witches, cobwebs, beautiful princesses and heroic Spidermans and Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Halloween Costume Stores in NYC

New York City is getting ready for one of its favorite holidays, Halloween. The traditional Village Halloween Parade usually draws more than 50,000 creatively dressed up marchers and spectators, and you don’t want to be caught with a proper wig for your dog. So, if you haven’t find a spooky, sexy or surprising costume for the Halloween parties and parades, here’s a roundup of the best costume and accessories shops in New York City. Some of the stores get stock up especially for Halloween but others open all year round, supplying New Yorkers interest in vintage clothes and special effects.


Halloween parade NYC

image: InSapphoWeTrust


New York Costumes/Halloween Adventure           

The two-floor East Village costume store has a great assortment of Halloween costumes for all ages (including a large department for pets’ costumes) and every imaginable accessories: from hats, masks, wigs and fake moustaches to medieval weapons and cut off body parts. The store also sells all party supplies and decorations and rents special costumes of fantasy characters, superheroes and historic figures.

104 4th Ave and 808 Broadway

East Village, New York City


Abracadabra New York

This costume super-store in the heart of Chelsea includes ten thousands of different costumes for sale and for rental. Abracadabra has a large selection of vintage dresses and costumes, so whether you want to dress up as Daisy Buchanan, a 70s disco dancer or an old timey baseball player, you will find what you are looking for. There is also a great selection of props and accessories including gruesome body parts in several stages of decomposing.

19 West 21st Street

Chelsea, New York


Halloween Superstore

The beauty salon slash costume superstore is not your average Halloween costume stores. It specializes in large variety of wigs, makeup kits and hair products including the large spectrum of facial hair design. Halloween Superstore products are available in several locations in New York and the prices are so cheap that you can stock up for a week worth of Halloween parties. There’s also a large selection of super cute and original baby costumes and plus size versions of classic women costumes such as Princess Leia and Wonder Woman.

5 Best Ice Skating Rinks in NYC For Christmas and all Year Round

Winter is coming, as the famous Stark saying goes, and when winter is upon us what better way there is to celebrate the drop of temperatures than by hitting the ol’ ice skating rink? A classical winter activity that boost up the energies and gives you hour of fun and amusement with friends and family.

New York City is packed with wonderful ice skating rinks, some open to the outer weather and some closed and air-conditioned. All you have to do is choose from one of the best Ice skating rinks in NYC, and ensure yourself a day of sheer fun. So here is a list of a selection of the most recommended ice skating rinks in New York City.

5 Best Ice Skating Rinks in NYC:

Skate at Prospect Park Ice Skating Rink, Lefrak Center at Lakeside

Situated in front of the picturesque views of Prospect Park Lake and its beautiful surroundings, ice skating at the Lefrak Center at Lakeside is a special treat. The rinks are 16,000 sq. ft. of well-designed skating space, one open aired, and one covered. You can also take lessons of ice skating, hockey and curling to perfect your skating abilities at any age.

Season opens at October 25, 2014, 10:00 AM

Lakeside at Prospect ParkSkate at Prospect Park Ice skating rink, Lefrak Center, credit: DBox

Swoosh Away at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

The admission to this rink is free, but extra charge of 15 $ will be taken for renting skates. And extra fees will be taken for helmet rental, bag checks, and locks, so embrace yourself! This is still a worthwhile deal. The 100X170 m rink is situated in the heart of the urban area of the Bank of America, and open and well lit at night it is a spectacular sight. At Christmas expect to find a huge decorated Christmas tree to complete the scene. Blade sharpening services and skating lessons are also available.

Season opens at October 21, 2014

Courtesy, The Pond at Bryant ParkCredit: The Pond at Bryant Park

Gaze upon the Christmas Tree While Spinning away at Rockefeller Center

It is surprising to know that the prominent rink at the Rockefeller Center was not part of the original planning of the area. In 1936, in an effort to attract attention to what was then known as the “Sunken Plaza”, a temporary rink was build. The “temporary” addition became permanent, and one of the most beloved features of the area.

Season opens at October 13, 2014 – Open to the public!

skatingCredit: The Rink Rockefeller Center

 Gracefully Glide at Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers

You don’t need to wait until winter to glide at Sky Rink, this rink is open all year, and not like many other closed rinks, it has a wonderful open air sensation, much obliged to the extremely high ceilings and large window viewing the Hudson River. This double mega complex is one of the most prominent closed rinks in the USA as well as in NYC, and is open to skaters at all ages and levels. It also offers ice hockey, figure skating and a skating school.

Open all year round

Sky RinkSky Rink credit: Chelsea Piers

 Splendidly Swirl at City Ice Pavilion, Long Island City

This arena stretches to NHL size, and covered in a white weatherproof air dome, and it is the only rink in NYC that can carry the high and mighty credit of being a rooftop rink. This is a good place to skate with kids or alone, and also offers a large selection of hockey teams, group activities and skating lessons.

Open all year round

City IceCredit: City Ice Pavilion


Must-See NYC Buildings

New York City offers plenty of must-see stops for architecture fans. From its iconic art deco style skyscrapers to the famous brownstones, the streets of NYC are filled with impressive buildings and unique architecture sites. For the 4th annual Archtober, New York City’s Architecture and Design Month, here are the top 5 must-see buildings in New York:

Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building on Lexington Avenue and 42 Street is almost as iconic as the Empire State Building. Built in the 1920s as one of the first skyscrapers in New York City, the 1,046 feet and 77-floors tall art-deco building was once considered unpractical and distasteful due to its diamond-like crown decorations, but now is regarded as the one of most beautiful buildings in NYC.

The Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal, probably the biggest and most famous train station in the world, is a splendid beux-art monument, decorated with neo-classic arcs, reliefs and sculptures. Originally built in the late 19th century and was restored in the latest 20th century, the Grand Central is filled with hidden spots and details, as well as several places for dining.

Rose Center for Earth and Space

The Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History is located inside a huge shining glass ball, which seems to float inside a giant glass cube structure that serves as a futuristic exhibition space.

Hearst Tower

The 42-floors Hearst Tower in Midtown Manhattan is the world headquarters of the Hearst Corporation, the publisher of Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Seventeen and other magazines, is the first green skyscraper in NYC. Originally built in the 1920s on top of a six-story cast-stone building, the Hearst Tower is famous for the glass triangular-patterned façade.

Guggenheim museum NYC

image: Silver2Silicon

Guggenheim Museum

The unique spiral building, designed by the renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1959, often attracts more visitors than the museum exhibitions. The museum interior looks like an inside of a shell, and the best way to explore its collections, which include works by Kandinsky, Picasso, Van Gogh and others, is to go down from the upper floor through the winding spiral walls.


For more NYC buildings, follow Archtober Building of the Day.

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