New Year’s Eve Fireworks in NYC

New York City is probably one of the best places in the world to celebrate the New Year, and you will find great parties and events in each borough and in every block. But the highlights of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York are the fireworks and the iconic crystal ball drop on Time Square. If you are not afraid of the cold and the crowds, you should probably arrive early to find a good viewing spot.

By Photo courtesy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Photo courtesy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Where to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks?

There are three possible places to see fireworks on New Year’s Eve:

Time Square – The biggest and the most famous New Year’s Eve event is the mass countdown before midnight, followed by the New Year’s Eve tradition of dropping the crystal ball from a 141 feet height, and the amazing fireworks in Times Square. NYC has been celebrating New Year’s Eve in Time Square since 1907, and every year the celebration gets more colorful and grandiose with music and entertainment shows, big screens and of course hundred thousands of tourists and visitors. Note that the Times Square area gets closed by noon, so you should arrive sometime around midday and prepare to settle.

Time Square
Broadway between 40th and 53rd Sts


Central Park – for a more relaxed and family-friendly view of the fireworks you can go to Central Park. The fireworks starts on midnight from the Naumburg Bandshell, but you can see them from almost anywhere in the park.

Naumburg Bandshell
Central Park

Prospect Park – Prospect Park in Brooklyn is another favorite observation point on New Year’s Eve fireworks. The fireworks can be seen from various locations in the park or near it including the Grand Army Plaza, West Drive, and on Prospect Park West between Grand Army Plaza and 9th Street.

Prospect Park

The Most Iconic Christmas Trees in NYC

Christmas is the holiday of all holiday, and a festive season that marks the beginning of a season of family and friends bonding, snow, gifts and a loving spirit. The most spectacular sight of all on Christmas is the seemingly endless array of decorated trees – small and big, fancy and simple, classical or creative, these trees mark the Christmas spirit almost more than anything.

Where will I find the most beautiful Christmas trees in NYC?

You can take a walk, and look around the trees that are peppered around the city, but make sure that you mark yourself a few starting points that are considered a must-see in term of beautiful Christmas trees.

Ready? Here we go!

1. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Undoubtedly the most iconic Christmas tree of all, this is a classic New York Destination for residents and visitors alike.

The Tree at Rockefeller Center, New York City

The Tree at Rockefeller Center, New York City. by: john St John\Flickr

2. Origami Christmas Tree at AMNH

This splendid paper spectacle is a tradition celebrated for over 30 years in the American Museum of Natural History.

Origami Tree, American Museum of Natural Historyby: Garrett Ziegler\Flickr

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Tree

The Met will display a Christmas tree covered in 18th century Neapolitan angles and cherubs made out of Baroque Crèche.

4. Christmas tree at Lincoln center

The Lincoln Center Winter’s Eve is another beloved NYC tradition, which marks the beginning of the holiday season. The beautifully lit and decorated tree is a lovely view on the square, and truly puts in heart the Christmas joy.


Christmas time at home. by: Steve McFarland\Flickr

Ugly Sweater Run NYC

The Ugly Sweater Run is not your typical marathon: the running track is about 3.1 miles long, the refreshments are hot cocoa, cider and beer, and the outfit is the ugliest Christmas sweaters you can imagine. Originated in New York City, the Ugly Sweater Run is now a national event held in different locations across the country. The Ugly Sweater Run NYC will kick off from Citi Field stadium in Queens on Saturday, December 20 at 11 AM. The proceeds of the event will be donated to the non-profit organization Save the Children, which helps underprivileged kids worldwide.

ugly Christmas sweatercredit:

So, if you want to burn some calories in between the holidays’ feasts while airing your most disastrous winter wardrobe and donating money for a good cause, you should definitely join the Ugly Sweater Run. Entry fees are $55 for solo participants or $50 for participants in a team of four runners or more ($60 and $55 for last minute registration), and it includes a vintage knit hat, a drawstring bag, an unlimited supply of hot chocolate, and one beer or alcoholic cider (only for adults; ID is required).

What’s the Story of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

The Ugly Sweater Run is not the only event that celebrates the tacky, colorful, Christmas themed garments. Ugly sweater is a popular Christmas party theme, and there are books and websites dedicated to the questionable fashion item.

Originally, Christmas sweaters were not seen as ugly. They were warm and festive, ornamented with various holiday symbols. But as the ironic self-aware ugly sweater trend emerged in the beginning of the 2000s, Christmas sweaters became exaggeratedly ugly, and the demand for vintage sweaters or intentionally ridiculous Christmas sweaters rose significantly.

If you were invited to an ugly sweater Christmas party or you plan to run at the Ugly Sweater Run, you should start raiding on your favorite NYC vintage shops or online stores, or they will run out and you will be forced to wear nice, tasteful outfits for Christmas.

For a car rental in Queens, where the Ugly Sweater Run takes place, contact us.


Hanukkah in NYC: Best Attractions

Get yourself ready for the 8 day celebration of Hanukkah! The Holiday, marked by the traditional candle lighting, and an array of delicious fried foods such as latkes and doughnuts, is marked for 8 days of light, dreidels and sheer festiveness.

When is Hanukkah?

Hanukkah begins at the evening of December 16, and ends at December 24.

What Should I do during Hanukkah in NYC?

There are lots of festive activities to mark the Jewish Holiday, starting from the traditional candle lighting in the menorah, spinning dreidels, or eating any of the holiday’s traditional Potato Latkes and other fried foods.

Hottest NYC Holiday Markets

The Christmas spirit is upon us, and millions of Americans go out on the frosty streets to commemorate the greatest American tradition of all (accept pumpkin pie), that is – shopping. Maybe Santa is looking down on us in a loving frown, you never know, but undoubtedly the heart of every holiday season is shopping. Of course, all that shopping is directed into giving gifts to others, and spending time with family and friends, but it’s still all about shopping. And giving! , argh, Anyway…

These are the hottest holiday markets in New York City opening these days, and are a sure must-visit attraction for the holiday season:

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