Affordable Car Rental in NYC

Prestige Car Rental offers affordable car rental services in NYC and its surroundings. Our deals are well planned to fit your budget while offering you the best possible experience in terms of quality cars, high maintenance, and attentive customer service.

We at Prestige pride ourselves on making sure that each offer is fitted perfectly to the right customer. You might be on a visit to NYC, or in need of a car for a special occasion, or for the daily commute to work – here,  at Prestige, you will find affordable car rentals and customer service that will answer your every need.

Whether you feel like driving a high end car, a sports car, an economy car or in need of an SUV or a van, all our rentals come at affordable rates, and allow you absolute confidence that you have made the best rental deal in NY.

Our offices are located in Manhattan and Queens, easy to get to for NYC residents and visitors alike, offering you our budget planned car rental deals and discounts

Our selection of Affordable Cars for Rent

Prestige Car Rental offers a selection of vehicles designed to meet every need and budget. Our car choices includes environmentally-friendly vehicles, luxury cars such as Mercedes or Land Rovers, SUVs, vans, and more.

All of our vehicles are checked regularly to ensure a safe and pleasant ride, and to make sure you will enjoy your car, as well as our competitive prices. Prestige Car Rental present you with the most affordable car rental rates in New York City and its surroundings, plus a guarantee for special discounts on online reservation.

So reserve your car of choice simply book online today, or call us on (212) 957-1525, (212) 957-1525 or visit our car rental offices in Manhattan or Queens for additional info.

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